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Quality. Integrity. Reliability.

Lowering your engine maintenance costs is in our DNA.

Aero Engine Services is a privately owned U.K. based aviation company offering the highest quality aftermarket supply chain solutions and technical consultancy services to the commercial aerospace sector.

As industry experts on the CFM56-3/-5A/B/C/-7B, CF6-80C2 and V2500-A5/-D5 engine platforms, worldwide airlines, lessors and MROs count on our professionalism for invaluable support with material supply, surplus and aged inventory purchasing, shop visit management and fan blade exchanges.

Located only minutes away from GE Aviation Wales, our goal is to maximise cost savings, whilst minimising engine downtime, on behalf of our valued global clients.

Aero Engine Services


As opposed to installing OEM new material, we can globally source, provision and supply fully traced high quality Used Serviceable Material (USM) for airlines, lessors and MROs, worldwide.

With all material being only OEM repaired by our trusted vendors, it's accompanied with the appropriate certification to drive down maintenance costs and maximise savings.

Whether it's deemed unrepairable per ESM limits during a scheduled shop visit, or outside AMM limits during an unscheduled event on the line, we strive to either purchase or consign all unserviceable engine material regardless of its physical condition. Additionally, should our clients have surplus serviceable material to disposition, whether procured

but never installed, or aged inventory from retired fleets, providing an additional revenue stream for this material too, is our goal.

From contract negotiation through to redelivery, our clients can relax knowing that everything in the middle too, is being professionally managed by us. Whether it's a new start up, tier 1 airline or a lessor, managing a shop visit can be a complex and time consuming process. With us in control to police the visit, our clients can fully concentrate on doing what they do best - running their business successfully.

Being a cost effective alternative to stocking, we provide blades to meet any requirement. Whether it's a complete set due to fatigue cracking, or a matched pair due to a bird strike, our program's success is having quality, moment weighted blades on the shelf in readiness to exchange (or sell) to minimise our client's downtime, inconvenience and cost.

Being strategically located in south Wales, we can assist our clients with a range of technical consultancy services.

Whether it's a pre delivery inspection on behalf of a lessee, or the oversight of a borescope inspection on behalf of a lessor, we can tailor a solution that works best for you.

Contact us today to discuss all your engine requirements

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