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With Aero Engine Services being strategically located in south Wales, we can assist our clients with a wide range of independent technical consultancy services.

Offering competent and independent consultancy, the key to our success is providing client peace of mind. This ensures that all aspects of the project are being reviewed and delivered, but also future complications can be forecast and limited.


We can therefore assist our clients with the below services:

  • Pre purchase engine inspections, inclusive of reporting;

  • Mid lease engine inspections, inclusive of reporting;

  • Borescope oversight, inclusive of reporting;

  • Engine part-out analysis and cost model building;

  • Shop visit representation (table top inspections, test cell and/or pre delivery BSI oversight;

  • Engine lease return documentation assessment and review;

  • Full Back to Birth (BtB) records traceability assessment and review;

Engine types supported:

  • CFM56-3/-5A/B/C/-7B;

  • CF6-80C2/E1;

  • GE90;

  • RB211-524G/H;

  • RB211-535E4;

  • PW2000;

  • PW4000;

  • V2500-A1/A5;


To find out how we can technically support you, please contact our industry expert today:

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