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Unserviceable 'Hold Scrap' material


The objective of acquiring our client's unserviceable engine material is to provide them with a supplemental revenue stream, when originally, that material was planned to be mutilated and indefinitely discarded.

Whether it's deemed unrepairable by the MRO per Engine Shop Manual (ESM) limits, Beyond Economic Repair (BER), redundant due to modification, or routinely replaced via the workscope, we strive to either directly purchase, or consign via a profit share scheme, all unserviceable post shop visit material, regardless of its physical condition.

Additionally, whether it's a faulty accessory replaced during base maintenance, or a damaged fan blade removed during an unscheduled bird strike on the line, we would be pleased to provide the same option(s) on all material deemed unserviceable per Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM) limits too, again, regardless of its physical condition.​

Serviceable and/or aged inventory

Whether it's an LLP that was pre-purchased for a shop visit but never installed, or HPT blades procured for a future requirement that's still sitting on the shelf, we would be happy to either purchase or consign all your surplus serviceable inventory too.


Regardless of its certification tag date or repair vendor, our goal is to release the capital that's tied up in the asset(s), in a quick and timely manner.

Furthermore, should our clients require an exit strategy for aged inventory, either from stored or retired engine types, we would be pleased to provide the same option(s) for these assets too, in order to increase their cash flow surplus.

Please send your manifests to our sales team today, for review:

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